Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dream Wraparounds - Part 2 of an Occasional Series

This time we uncover a few more interesting bingo wraparounds — longer words formed by adding to both the front and back of an existing word — including several from racks that already contain a shorter bingo:
  1. Holding CHINOPY, you would have an obscure bingo CIPHONY ("electronic scrambling of voice transmissions").  But with POMP on the board, you could surely rouse your opponent with... 
    • HYPNOPOMPIC (adj.) relating to the semiconscious state that precedes completely awakening from sleep (from the Greek hypno- "sleep" and pompe "sending away"); a related term is HYPNOGOGIC or HYPNAGOGIC (which, incidentally, could be also be formed as wraparounds: HYPNAGOGIC or HYPNOGOGIC), referring to the semiconscious transitional state between wakefulness and sleep
  2. With WOO on the board, and holding ABCDKSY, you could make a refined play of... 
    • BACKWOODSY (adj.) pertaining to the backwoods, or to a thinly populated or backward area; unsophisticated, uncouth
  3. Holding ADILNSU, you would have the nice bingo SUNDIAL.  But with MAG on the board, you could really mix it up with... 
    • SALMAGUNDI (n.) a mixture of things, a potpourri; a salad of chopped meats, anchovies, eggs, and vegetables (probably from a medieval French term referring to a hodgepodge of meats)
  4. Holding HIILPST, you would have a terrific play of SHILPIT ("sickly, weak").  But with LUMEN on the board, you could collect even more points with... 
    • PHILLUMENIST (n.) a collector of matchbooks or matchboxes (from the Greek phil- "loving" and the Latin lumen "light")
By the way, kudos if you noticed that WRAPAROUND itself could be formed as a wraparound play!

More to come in future installments!  If you have any dream wraparounds to share, pass them on to me at <>.

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