Friday, September 2, 2011


TileHead’s Word of the Day for 2 September 2011

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QUINCUNX  (n. pl. -ES)

  1. (n.) an arrangement of five objects, especially one in which four objects occupy the corners of a square and the fifth occupies its center

Useful information for game players:
  • Front hooks: (none)
  • Back hooks: (none)
  • Anagrams: (none)
  • Longer extensions: -ES, -IAL
  • Wraparounds: (none)
  • Other Spellings: (none)
  • Related Forms: QUINCUNXIAL (adj.), QUINCUNCIAL (adj.)

Though you may not realize it, you have probably seen many QUINCUNXES in your lifetime.  Common examples include the pattern of dots on the fifth side of a playing die or the pattern of shapes on the five of any suit of playing cards.  Trees are sometimes planted in a QUINCUNXIAL (or QUINCUNCIAL) pattern as well, because doing so helps ensure that they receive more equal exposure to sunlight.  The word comes from the Latin for “five-twelfths,” because a quincunx was the name of a Roman coin — usually adorned with five dots — equivalent to five-twelfths of the more valuable as coin.

Please note that there will be no Word of the Day post on September 5th, Labor Day in the United States.  Enjoy the holiday!

Recapping this week’s words — a quincunx of Q words:

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